Manchester Cathedral 600 Poetry Competition

Manchester Cathedral is pleased to announce the ten winning poems in our 600th Anniversary poetry competition.  Our warmest congratulations to the following winning poets who each receive a prize of £100: 

‘Fourteen Angels’ by Jane Burn

‘Margaret Beaufort’s Angels’ by Marian Griffin

‘Post Box on Corporation Street’ by Colin Bancroft

‘Sanctuary’ by Deirdre Fitzgerald

‘Taking down the tree’ by Ross Cogan

‘Tangible Faith’ by Laura Lorson

‘That angel hovering’ by Helen Evans

‘The Lancashire Madonna’ by Rosemary Hector

‘Umm Lahayy Sonnet’ by John Gallas

‘Wasting time with you God’ by Cara Smart                                       

These poems will all be read in place of the sermon at a Eucharist celebrating poetry on Sunday 23 January 2022 at 10.30am.  Many will be read by the poets themselves and a booklet of the winning poems will be published to mark the occasion.

We are grateful to all who entered the competition and to the four judges, Andrew Rudd (poet in residence), Robbie Burton, Patricia Holgate and David Holgate.

Any profits from the Manchester Cathedral Poetry Competition go to the Booth Centre charity.