Chetham's FREE lunchtime concerts return to Manchester Cathedral

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  • 12 September 2023
Chetham's FREE lunchtime concerts return to Manchester Cathedral

The series of free lunchtime concerts performed by Chetham's School of Music students returns to Manchester Cathedral. 

The cathedral regularly hosts lunchtime recitals by talented students from Chetham’s School of Music, the UK’s leading music school for students aged 8 – 18. There are piano recitals and a programme of concerts called Music for a While.

Chetham’s believes the true wonder of music can have a profound effect on quality of life and the school aims to make music accessible to more people. The students are at the heart of this mission and they are excited to share their incredible gift with audiences and the musical programme varies each week.

Concerts are free and no booking is required – just turn up. Listening to music is shown to improve wellbeing and you’ll also be supporting the next generation of musicians as they hone their skills.

The concerts will take place as follows: 

25.09.23    12pm       Piano Recital 
28.09.23    1.10pm    Music for a While 
09.10.23    12pm       Piano Recital
13.11.23    12pm       Piano Recital
30.11.23    1.10pm    Music for a While 
18.1.24      1.10pm    Music for a While 
22.01.24    12pm       Piano Recital 
01.02.24    1.10pm    Music for a While 
05.02.24    12pm       Piano Recital 
04.03.24    12pm       Piano Recital 
14.03.24    1.10pm    Music for a While 
25.04.24    1.10pm    Music for a While 
29.04.24    12pm       Piano Recital 
13.05.24    12pm       Piano Recital 
23.05.24    1.10pm    Music for a While